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To Mr. Tamangoh

Tamangoh (tapper from NYC) after the show with 2V @ C*Laps in Roppongi, Tokyo, on May 7, 2018

Hi, Tamangoh-san

Thank you for the amazing shows in Tokyo. That was great meeting you. Your super funky urban afro tap just blew me away! I'm going to write posts about those two shows that I attended, the one with Reggaelation IndependAnce (Shibuya, April 23) and the one with 2V (Roppongi, May 7). I think you and those bands deserve a lot more attention from music fans.

I don't tap myself, but I really adore tap dancers. You can connect with every kind of sound or noise around you by your feet and draw some strong musical force out of it. I always think that tappers are like Jedi knights. To me, you looked almost like a Jedi master - sort of like a long tall Yoda - who takes over the art of the great predecessors like Bill Robinson, Nicholas Brothers, Baby Laurence, Jimmy Slyde, Bunny Briggs, etc, etc. So keep their spirit and magic alive. And come to Japan again... hopefully with your own band sometime!

Stay on the good foot
and may da beat be with u

Abeja Mariposa

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